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Hearing Aid Information


Hearing Aids, when properly selected and maintained, can be of substantial benefit to the hearing aid user.  Individuals differ in the benefit they derive from hearing aid use.  They also differ in the ease with which they adapt to hearing aid use, and in the type of hearing aid most appropriate for them.  The benefit derived from a hearing aid may depend on a competent examination, proper fit, and the userís ability to adapt to hearing aid use.



Hearing Aids:


  • should allow hearing-impaired individuals to hear sounds that cannot be clearly heard without corrective amplification.
  • should make it possible to understand speech more clearly, and with less effort, in a variety of listening situations.
  • may assist hearing-impaired individuals in hearing speech clearly in some types of noisy situations.
  • will require time and energy adjusting to their use.
  • will not restore normal hearing or retard the progression of hearing loss.